Grandma Kelsey’s Farm, LLC

Who is Grandma Kelsey?  Grandma was the senior member of the Nubian goat herd. Once she was retired, she continued watching over the babies, teaching them how to be a goat when their mothers started milking. Even though she is no longer with us and has moved on to the big pasture in the sky, she will always be in our hearts. 

Grandma Kelsey’s Farm is a small farm located on the northern side of Canon City, Colorado.  Our goat herd consists of retired Nubian does.  The farm also has a separate goat herd of Cashmere goats. 

Services the farm offers:

-         Cashmere Fiber

-     Cashmere Goats for sale

-         Animal Shelters

-     Goat Milk Lotion and Soap